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FO's that blend well with the smell of Menthol Crystals...

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This started as a conversation on weither or not Lemon London Curd would smell good if mixed with Menthol Crystals for a bath soak.

I tested 1part LLC to 1part Crystals...

It mostly smells like the Menthol crystals... but with a slight hint of LLC. Not quite the "Lemony Mint" smell I was going for.... but not to aweful. I'm going to mix up a couple of other %'s and maybe try another few FO's *I'm EO challanged at the moment* and see how it goes.

Has anyone else tried other FO's in any recipes containing Menthol Crystals?

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Okay, so after I posted this, I went back downstairs and picked up the sample I had mixed up and It smelled just like a minty version of LLC! I was excited so I ran some hot water into a large bowl and poured the sample in...

MENTHOL WOWNESS is all I can say LOL! My sinuses are clear now.

You can't really smell the LLC, except for a "sweet" undertone to the Mentol. I wonder if that's the same for ALL recipes using menthol? I"m going to let it sit for a few and then come back to it and see if the LLC smell comes out after the Mentol has had time to drift away.

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