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i need anise seeds


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Does anyone know where I can buy anise seeds. I used to get them from Wholesale Supplies plus, but I can not find them there anymore, I need them so bad, I can buy them in the spice secton at the grocery store, but who wants to pay $3 for a little tiny jar of them?!?!

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How much do you need? I can usually get bulk spices at my local Indian markets for next to nothing. Let me know and I'll head down the street and see what I can find.

Actually there are lots of spices there so if anyone else needs stuff like that they should let me know - I'll be your personal shopper! (they make a lot of money, right??? ;) )

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Well, I already got the ones from www.bulkfoods.com.

We dont have an Indian market around here, how much are they per lb there? I might ask you again in a few months, if my supply starts to dwindle. I have found the anise stars at Wegmans grocery store around here, but I don't need the whole star. However I have a crap load of them because my boyfriend uses them to make the Vietnames soup called Pho. It is a really good soup with anise in the broth!

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