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Layered containers

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Good Morning All-

I am working on making some 4th of July layered jars. I poured up a tester just to see how it would turn out and if I really wanted to do these. I love the way it turned out. My question is....is it better to pour all the layers the same fragrance? I used blueberry, vanilla and strawberry, but now as my candle is getting down into the vanilla part, it's blending with the blueberry (I had the blue layer on top).

I am wondering if the vanilla will ever truly smell as the vanilla or if I will have more of a blueberries n cream or blueberry muffin smell-of course once it's gets into the strawberry.

Just curious....




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I think your combo of fragrances is great ... vanilla mixing with those two scents should be lovely!

The caveat to layered candles is this -- just be sure that all three layers are wicked the same. You don't want one layer that needs a 60c and one layer that will hang with a 60c and needs a 62c.

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Thanks Crafty-

So far my CD18 is working really well. I had a fear about wicking when I poured these. I know my vanilla (when poured by itself) in this jar smokes with a 62C and figured a CD20 might do the same. I was hoping that I'd get a good burn on the blueberry and strawberry with the 18 and so far so good-the blueberry is wonderful and it's just starting the blend with the vanilla.......

Thanks for the help


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