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30% soy

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OK, I'm new to this game, and maybe just a little slow :sad2: . I finally e-mailed the manufacturer of the wax I am using to try to figure out why I can't get the fantastic scent throw I should be getting (manufacturer says up to 15% scent load is possible) I've tried almost everything from 5% up to 15%. So my question is do I treat this more like a soy wax, using scents that work better in soy, or more like a parrifin(sp) or fly by the seat of my pants and keep testing testing testing....ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!!! :shocked2:


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Punt LOL!!! Since it's more paraffin than soy, you may be able to follow the guidelines more for that than soy.........but unfortunately it's probably more a punt!! Isn't testing fun!! NOT :cool2:

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