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m&p for beginner


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I would love try making some m&p soap and since they are having a sfic co-op I figure its a good time to try, I was wondering with so many choices which ones ya'll would suggest for a beginner,I keep looking at her list of m&p and just cant decide. I have no idea which one is best, Id like one that is good for very dry skin.TIA

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I have yet to find a clear M&P that is not drying. I have tried clear from many different suppliers and have tried them with different ingredents but they all are drying.

The way I can tell if it is drying is, wash with the soap, dry hands then rub dry hands and if they wont rub smoothly that soap is drying. I never have this drying problem with liquid soap, but liquid is not M&P bar soap either.

Is there such a thing as clear M&P out there that's not drying. Is the white or the other types less or not drying at all?

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Please someone correct me if this is not correct.

The reason the soap is clear is because it contains alcohol. In order to make transparent soap you have to use alcohol and alcohol is drying to the skin.

I have only make transparent soap one time but that is what I think I remember about it. Wanted to try an see if I could make it and the soap turned out good but the process takes to durn long.

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I think you are mistaken about the alcohol being used for clear soap. I just looked at my ingredient lisf from SFIC for their clear glycerine soap, and it lists:

Coconut oil

Palm oil

Castor oil

Safflower Oil


Purified water

Sodium hydroxide


Sorbitan oleate

Soy bean protein

I think the reason it is clear is because they do not add titanium dioxide for color.

I have read that coconut oil is what is drying in melt & pour soaps. Maybe the best thing to do is experiment by adding different butters or oils to your soap to get a little more moisturizing benefits out of it.

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