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melted, leaking products....

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Do you typically get leaking in your orders? I expect stuff to melt, but not leak :wink2: I got my pkg today and palm kernel oil had leaked all over 1/2 the box...including seeping into a bag of herbs :mad:

I'm sure the company will make good on it...I'm just curious how common this is...

...sorry if this is the wrong forum lol I realized it might have been better posted elsewhere...

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I received an order from Tropical Butter and the palm oil container came broke so I have that big mess on the pkg...incluiding that my postal office warning me about this, telling me that even do that was a non-hazardous material due to the appereance they considered it as hazardous and they made me sing a letter realising the pkg. I email Alisha (Tropical Butter) and she apologized and tell me that she will give another container of palm oil free-charge (which I haven't received yet)...but probably this things happens more often than I tough.

Sunny hugs!!!


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