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Candles and Supplies FO?

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I've tried Honey Baked Pears, Teaberry, and Cantaloupe. Maybe it's just me, but I was not impressed.

Their service is really great. However, the man who answers the phone is new and knows less than me about candle making.

Next time I order, I'm going to ask for someone else to speak with and ask what fo's do well in soy.

I'm not giving up on them!

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I use a blend, and I don't have any problems with C & S. Some scents aren't favorites, but I tend to disagree with candlebuddy, I LOVE the Honey Baked Pears and it is throwing great in my paraffin/soy blended votives. As for the new guy...hey, we all start at a new job once, but the staff their is helpful. I'm sorry I couldn't offer more, but had to offer my $.02!:smiley2:

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I use 100% soy flakes and am not impressed with their fragrances in the soy. I do however appreciate their customer service and have had good results with their fragrances in the aroma ornaments and in bath and body things. It's been a long time since I've used them for fragrances so can't tell you about their new fragrances.

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