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Finally made CP this morning


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It was incredibly easy!I do know that I don't like hand stirring. Yuck. :D BUT I can tell that I dont like the mold. It has..well... you know how you put something greasy in a paperbag and it seeps LOL ?? That is how it is. So Im looking to buy another 2lb mold. Help me!!!!

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Welcome aboard :smiley2:

One nice thing about hand stirring your first batch you get to see the different stages of saponification going on in your soap pot and if you

choose to move up to using a mixer you know what to look for. And you

can truely say "hand made".

When I first started making soap the extra time stirring gave me the

opportunity to think my next steps through and gave me extra time

to read my instructions over just to re-assure myself.

As for the grease and seeping - are you sure it was a mold issue?

Sounds like some of the oil did not get saponified. Did you run your

recipe through a SAP chart to make sure you had the right amount

of lye for the types of oils you chose?

Happy Soaping!

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Here it is. I got it off the Miller site:

2 oz Castor oil

4 oz Cocoa butter

4 oz Coconut oil

12 oz Olive oil

10 oz Palm Oil

4.3 oz lye

12 oz distilled water

and thats it. I added cinnamon FO and it smells good but I took it out of the mold this morning and its still kinda soft. Looking at it I dont think I mixed it well enough.

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