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? about using lids on molds


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My log molds have lids and I haven't used it yet. I have read that the saran wrap shouldn't touch the soap because it will leave bubbles. I have also read that if you use a lid on your mold you need to cover the soap with saran wrap before putting the lid on. Does the soap create bubbles on top if you do this? TIA

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You'll be fine using the lid for your mold and wrapping it with saran wrap prior to using it. Just make sure that you wrap the saran wrap tight around the lid and tape it in place, and that it is wrinkle free and there is not air trapped between the lid and the saran wrap.

The saran wrap itself does not cause air bubbles. When you place the saran wrap on top of the soap, you need to lay it down so you don't trap air under it or smooth it from the center to the edges so you can remove the trapped air. What leaves the air is how you apply the saran wrap.

If your soap includes an over-heater, I wouldn't use the lid at all, just a layer or saran and maybe a towel.

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