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can you post a picture of a mushroom?

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I'm having a hard time picturing the dreaded mushroom. I am a novice candle maker (lots of experience with incense and bath&body but just starting out in wax). I use C3 from Genwax (only about 1/2 hour away from me, luckily) and so far I have made about 25 container candles, mostly small (votive size) ceramic pots because my sig other is a potter & has lots of tiny pots from his beginner days. I'm thinking the mushroom might be something that you get on a bigger candle (?)because I have not yet seen any mushroom like stuff happening on these small pots. Would love to see a nice clear close up photo, if you have one. TIA! :)

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Someone posted a thread recently about a monster mushroom. If you do a search for "monster mushroom" or similar, it should come up. There was a picture in that post. HTH!

OK, found the link. I'm normally search challenged, so it's amazing I found this. LOL This is an extreme example; usually there are only one or two little balls (carbon beads) on top the wick.


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Wow! Now I see what you mean! :)

I've not had anything that large, but perhaps I HAVE had a bit of mushrooming. I thought (for some reason) that mushroom thing would be in the wax, not the wick, so I was anxiously looking for some kind of wax shape to appear....

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