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Square Votives~HELP!


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Ok, I understand that Pillar wax is made to shrink to come out of the molds but come one...votives are only an inch and a half tall and the wax Im using is shrinking buy half the size of the damn votive mold.

I am using AW4212 and adding vybar.

Since I have to repour 2-3 times they look terrible when they're done.

Should I be having to repour this much?

Also, for these square votives, should I just wick them after they're cured and then I can use the bottom as the top as it will always come out smooth?

I have been using regular votive wick pins for my square ones...

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Paraffin/Vybar shrinks plenty. Don't overdo the Vybar, and if you repour too early you'll just end up doing it again.

I experimented with the aluminum votive molds but didn't end up using them. You can get very professional results by flipping the candles over and drilling a wick hole, but many people don't go to all that trouble and use the wick pins like you're doing.

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