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"Flavor" oils and extracts


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I don't have much experience with these yet. For those who make lipbalms/edible oils/anything else that requires flavoring, what type of flavor oils are used? What other things are flavor oils used in? Are "baking oils" considered the same thing? What about flavor extracts- what can they be used in?

And info you could provide or point me to educate myself about flavor oils/extracts would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks much!

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I usually just buy the flavor oils from B&B vendors that I know will work, like http://the-sage.com

I did get a bunch of different flavor oils from Lorann. I notice there are a couple of different kinds, some are just oils, but some have alcohol in them. I've found the alcohol base ones, and extracts, won't stay mixed in oils - they separate out. Same with the expensive absolutes like vanilla and cocoa - it's a chore to get them to stay mixed.

And that's about all I know. I stick to the MMS ones and have great look.

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