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Suggestions for booth backdrop???


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I only attend one craft show per year (huge)...and they have curtains up between the booths. The curtains are BRIGHT red, white and blue. Needless to say...they do not match my colors (or really anyone's colors lol).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can cover/camoflage these ugly curtains up to make my booth look better?

Here's a pic of the booth last year (my setup and colors are different this year)...but the curtains are the same. I am on a corner booth this year (instead of in the middle), so need to figure this out?


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Will they allow you to drape anything over the curtains? If they will, you can drape/pin up some other fabric to cover the curtains. If not, I don't think your display next to the red curtains looks bad at all. I love your wood shelves. Are they collaspable?

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I am doing a different setup this year...those shelves were built by my hubby and they are too bulky and heavy (and no, they do not fold down). I went with a different setup this year and have some different shelves that will be on different levels (instead of all one level)...I think it will be more interesting to the eye. Plus, I have a more natural color scheme now (like my website) of brown, cream, black and tan.

Last year we weren't allowed to touch the curtains, but the new woman in charge said we could do what we wanted to this year. We can pin to it...maybe I should head out and find myself some nice fabric to drape over?

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I think adding a couple of silk trees would be nice. I've found them for as low as $13.99 on sale. They're obviously not nice and full like the ones that cost $200, but for your purposes, I think they would do the job.

I've found them at Old Time Pottery ($13.99) and Value City ($17.99).

I would be careful about hanging fabric all over the place. It might wind up drawing attention to the curtains instead of detracting from it.

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