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Did I bite off more than I can chew??


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Hi all....

I warned you that I would be back as this fundraiser thing went along...

Ok, I am confident in my ability to make and fill the candle orders I will be getting. I am confident in my tally sheets, business contract, receipts and order forms. Noooo Problem! BUT... what about a brochure for the customer to look at?? I am really freaking out about that.:eek: Besides the designing part, which if it comes to it, I feel certain I can do... what about the expense?? A color brochure will cost a fortune. HELP!:( Any suggestions...

I looked online for some examples of other peoples brochures but all I can find are very expensive looking full color brochures.

Any and ALLL suggestions welcome!

Thanx guys... you all are great!


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What I do is on the order form, I put a picture of product and a list of the scent descriptions on the back. Then you don't need brochures for them. Now I do make a brochure for the schools and they put one in each teachers mailbox. hth

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