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I have contacted a group from out of state and they are interested in a candle fundraiser and would like info/package.I have that from Candle Cauldron and also will have some of my own info.The thing is I have always thought the groups would have so many selling and work on a goal of so many per member.Also i think if I Newsletter and a order form with that would be another way.This group wants to put it on a their website.Has anyone done this or anyone know how it can be done.I want to help them and also want to start getting my candles out there.So far I have done nothing but craft shows.

Have also thought that maybe they could put a order form in their local paper.Seems like these ways would work.I do see where they have things for sale on their site.Just want to know about this and if someone can help with a idea of doing it.Would this be a good way???????????

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