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Help! I don't want to loose this batch!


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Yea:confused: With this particular recipe I usually wait 48 hours to unmold because it tends to be on the softer side. I tried to take some off with paper towels, but can't get all of it. Now I'm going to have to read up on rebatching. I've never had to do that:eek:

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What i've been doing lately is confetti. Just shred up the soap and then add the shreds to a white overpour (unscented). I like that look much better than the rebatch.

What i use to do is shred the soap, add a little water or milk, then nuke it in the micro until it reached the mashed potato stage. Take it out, mix it up a bit and plop back into the mold. I really dont like the way this method works so id rather do the confetti.:D

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