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Aloe Powder


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Okay, here is what I found out...I called TDF and was given some information. If you want a gel there are several things you can do.

One- she doesn't recommend this but you can add carbomer to make it a gel. The reason she says it's not a good idea is that the carbomer doesn't work well with the electorlytes in the aloe powder and you would have to use an outrageous amount of carbomer.

Second--You can add Peg 150 distrate found at their site http://www.todieforsoap.com/specialties.htm

Third- you can add Amaze XT from here http://www.personalcarepolymers.com/Site/ProdFormList.asp?ID=028029A

Fourth--you can add guar http://www.todieforsoap.com/specialties.htm

Hope that helps. :)

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