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question about veggie waxes and pillars

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I have only made containers and a few pillars with a soy or soy blend. I would like to try some of the pillars using techniques shown on this board such as draping and mottling. Can all these be done with soy pillar blends? Are they exclusively for paraffin? Could someone direct or tell me what the limitations or what veggie wax works best with pillar "specialties" or variations? Thanks!!

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You can try things like drapped layers with soy pillar wax but with the meltpoint and opacity I don't know what it will look. Even the pillar soy/parafffin blends I've seen are opaque. Soy doesn't mottle so that lets that out. Even if it did it wouldn't look the same because of the opacity. Forget hurricanes - for the same reason, plus the meltpoint is too low. Soy chunk candles you can do but again, it won't look the same as paraffin. Marbled pillars I guess you could try. Rustics - no idea. IMO, I would just use paraffin. Sometimes its hard enough to get a really consistent effect - even if you are using the proper materials to do it.

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