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help!! sinking wax


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Hi, and welcome to the board.

You cannot stop it, it's a normal behaviour of wax.

Shrinkage depends on the type of wax you are using, but it happens more or less in all cases.

Are you doing containers or pillars?

I don't know for containers, but for pillars you have to do a repour when wax has cooled.

While is cooling you have to poke some relief holes near the wick, then when it's cool you heat the same wax you used and do a repour.

Doing so you level the candle.


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Same thing goes for containers.

Some waxes claim to be "single pour" but that's only under ideal circumstances. What that really means is that the wax will shrink less than if it weren't single pour. It's just something you'll have to learn to live with. Just remember that it's important (for pillars and containers) to poke relief holes. The candle can develop air pockets that you may not see. Also, when you do your re-pour, only pour to the lip of the first pour or you will see a seam if you pour too high.

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