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Cinnabun help

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Ok, ive been thinking about trying handrolled cinnamon buns. Ive done them in the past, but never with the wax I use now. Its the ky votive pillar wax. Anyhow, I dont have any foil or wax paper, out right now. I usually line the bottom of the cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Anyway, do you think I could just pour the wax into the cookie sheet, and then when they are ready to slice into strips, do you think the strip would still come out ok? The foil always helped to pull the strip out with. What do you all think. I might just try it to see, but was wondering if you all think it might be too difficult to do without the foil. lol. Or has anyone else whos made the buns done it without lining the sheet with anything? Do you just pour it into the sheet? If it works for you, hopefully it will for me lol

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I admit I'm no expert on fake food candles, but for a hand-rolled Cinnabon you may need to try paraffin instead of votive/pillar soy. You will need a certain amount of elasticity in your wax strips when you roll them up that you probably won't get in soy. If you ask this on the General wax making thread, you'll probably get all the answers you need! ;)


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