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I finally poured the 444

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I finally got around to pouring testers of the 444 I received from Jason. Thanks again by the way! :) I heated to about 185, poured into warmed pouring pots, added my scent at 175, no dye and poured at 150. I am testing some of the FREE sample wicks I recieved from WICK IT too. I am trying the 795 and 798 in these jars. All of my jars (6 wide mouth jars) set up pretty good and for the most part, were very smooth. :yay: I did have one that had a slight crack across the top and a few that had small cracks around the wicks. I could have pulled my wick up too tightly; I tend to do that. But I was able to fix it all with my emossing gun. So far I am really liking this wax. The cold throw wasn't as strong as my normal wax but I had just poured it. I closed them up and will burn after a few days cure.

Next I will pour the 449. :)

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Geek took the words out of my mouth before I could even type them. I just remember hearing so many differing opinions on the cold throw. I would love to hear comparisons between what wax they are used to vs. the 444. I am getting ready to test it. I am fed up with my soy being so dang persnickety, but one thing I will say about my soy is that the cold throw is amazing.

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I am not too impressed with the cold throw with this wax. The wax I use has an awesome cold throw - you don't even need to light my candles. I finally test burned 2 of the candles I poured. While I was mostly testing for burn and not throw, I was hoping to get a good throw out these even though they had only cured 3 days. When they set up, the all set up pretty nice except for some small cracks on the surface which I thought I had taken care of with a quick zap of my embosser gun. I tested an Odor Out and a Warm Vanilla Sugar. Both candles had a HUGE air pocket next to the wick that I couldn't tell from the surface was there. :sad2: I've never had an airpocket before. :sad2: The OO candle had a slight throw to it but it smelled like fuel. This is the first time I have ever detected any kind of fuel smell in any candle I've burned but I've never burned this FO before so I'm not sure if th FO is the culprit. However, I was also picking up a slight fuel smell with the WVS if I stood right over the candle. That is the only way I could detect any smell from the WVS. So far, not really impressed with this wax but will give it a few more days to cure to see if the throw improves.

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I am starting to test/use this wax.With my other wax you could smell them with lids on.Now you are saying not a good cold throw.That is what sells the candle.I will say though I have people put down candles that have no cold throw. I come home and decide I will burn it(not selling) and it is AWESOME.

For WVS with my other wax(402)it was not strong hot or cold throw.Hopefully it is the FO.All my candles are awesome with this wax when burning BUT WVS.

Now if this isn't going to work I will be making alot of tarts.Will test tarts and see what the throw is like.This wax was cheaper than the pillar blend I use for tarts so thought I would try it. Something to use for all candlemaking. Tarts,votives, container candles, pillars.


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Just tried the 444.I really like the smoothness.My tops on tarts, container are perfect so far.The bigger tart though did sink a little but the smaller tarts were fine. The real problem I am having is the 8 ounce JJ and the flower pot votive seperated from the jar.The 10 ounce classic is perfect.For cold throw it is good and used Candy Corn.

I think the pulling away can be solved and maybe just add teeny more to the tart mold.It looked full but sunk when it dried.Would love to use this wax because of the smoothness.

The jars were cold.Could this be a problem with pulling away from the sides.I did these in the basement and the jars were colder than ususal.

I did add scent at 175 but don't think I waited long enough before pouring.I so far like the cold scent throw.Going to burn one tonight and wait and burn the others in a couple days when they cure.

I did not add dye.Left that natural but will add dye the next time to test the way those burn.This was just to get an idea with this wax.

Very very smooth as long as they stay that way.

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