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Looking for Reviews on Lone Star's FO


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I haven't purchased any of their scents and was ordering a few supplies and started looking at their FO's. I'm using cargil C3 container wax. I'm particularly interested in the Victoria Secret Type. Has anyone tried any of these scents in soy? If so, how is the cold & hot throw and is this a good duplication?

Love Spell Type

Forbidden Fantasy Type

Endless Love Type

Forever Romance Type

I also noticed they had Sunwashed Linen & Sandalwood & Ginger Apple. These say "new" on the site.....has anyone tried any of these?

If you have any favorites that you like from Lone Star can you tell me what & why?

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread.


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Hi Pam! LS as some great scents. Some work for me and some dont. But for the most part they are pretty strong, and true. Some of their good ones are the Gardenia, Creamy Vanilla, and the Bath and Body works line are pretty true. All of their "dupes" are the truest compared to some of the other suppliers I have tried. DONT get the CANDY CORN whatever you do!!

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I use a lot of Lonestar's FO's. Haven't had a chance to try out their new ones yet, but I have been over to sniff them, LOL! I have made a pledge that I am not going to introduce a bunch of new ones this year or I would have bought some to test, they smelled wonderful. The ones that sell best for me right now are, Creamy Vanilla, White Tea & Ginger, Downy (smells just like the real thing), Fudge Brownie (a yummy chocolate), Cranberry is nice, Cinnamon Apple, Pumpkin Pie Spice, this one sells well in the fall. They also have one called Moonlight Sonata that I like. I know there is more, but can't think of them offhand. I just got the Biscotti and it is GREAT OOB, not sure if I want to wax it or eat it, LOL!

Also, others have asked about LS FO's before, if you do a search, you might get some more information on other FO's to try.

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