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Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific *Type*


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Has anyone tried this from Oregon Trails?  I get so many requests to see if I can make anything (mostly spray) from it.


Just wondering if you had or know of any of the other suppliers that might have it.

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I have it and use it in shampoo bars, as I loved it as a kid back in the 70's/early 80's.  It is reminiscent of the shampoo, not a perfect match though.  I do like it and use it as my regular shampoo.  It does not seem to stick in my hair in that format in the way that I remember the shampoo did, but none of the FOs I've tried seem to do that with shampoo bars.    Did not try it in any other product.  


I remember searching at some point about a year ago to see if anyone else had something closer and came to the conclusion that they didn't.  Then I tried to find a carnation scent to maybe try and bolster it with that, no success with that either (only tried NG Carnation and that was not good.)

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