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Advice on Mixing Concentration of Wax, Fragrance, color and HALS 292 additives


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Hi Community,


I am a newbie on making candles, And I am trying to mix soy wax, fragrance and additive (HALS 292) but not finding an appropriate answer on their compositions.

It would be great if you can share your expertise on this. I want to know how much percentage of fragrance and additives and colors I should mix with soy wax to make a perfect candle.


Thanks in advance.

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Do you have choices in your neck of the woods? I don't think there's just one soy wax in the states to be able to give you a better answer.  What brand are you using? Did it come with recommendations? Etc. 

I'm not a soy user, but in general for waxes, FO, additives etc., it's easier for people to answer if they know more. 

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