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Properly selected candles and décor elements completely transform the interior, adding comfort and relaxation, and creating a trusting atmosphere. Introducing you to some tips on how to decorate an apartment with candles in order to achieve the desired effect


Adherents of hygge do not imagine their home without candles, and the philosophy behind it is personal comfort, which is made up of simple little things. The Danes pay special attention to soft lighting, which gives warmth and a sense of security, so they light candles even during the day.

Arrange candles in the form of large diameter cylinders around the apartment - they burn longer and do not require candlesticks, or you can use candles in special glass jars.


candle in a jar lighting a candle



Rare and unique candles look beautiful on their own. Therefore, it is best to create a composition of several candles, preferably of different heights.

Both small and large candles look good in the interior in combination with natural materials such as flowers, stones, shells, cones and fir branches. Make sure that the candles and the décor elements have the same or similar shades.

Complete the candle decoration set with a tray, a wooden box with low sides, or a basket - this will add cohesion to the candle composition.


pillar candle on the window sill coffee table décor with candles



If you want the room to look and feel more expensive, choose pompous retro candle holders. They will add some character and attractiveness to the atmosphere.

Both wooden and metal candlesticks are suitable: despite their classic design, they will fit into any style. To impress guests, put the candle set in a prominent place - a chest of drawers or a fireplace.


pillar candle with holders pillar candles with candle holders



If you like to soak in hot water, lighting candles in the bathroom will be a great addition to your favorite ritual. Put a couple of candles on the shelf as a decoration: this way they will catch your eye more often, evoking thoughts of rest and relaxation.

A few lighted scented candles will turn the bathroom into a real spa, where you will easily rejuvenate without effort and special expenses.


bathroom with candlelight



Candles placed on the bedside table will add a romantic touch to your bedroom, while their soft light will help you get ready for sleep. They can also be placed on a dresser or dressing table. Of course, don’t forget the important safety rules:

  • place the light sources at a safe distance from flammable objects;
  • be sure to extinguish the fire before going to bed;

It’s better to use soy wax candles in the bedroom at night. They are the most environmentally friendly and safe candles: they burn cleaner and produce less smoke.


bedroom design with candles candle décor with flowers



The dining room interior with candles can become a traditional décor if you give them a place of honor in the dining area. Put some candles on the table, complemented by candlesticks or a tray, so that the temptation to arrange romantic dinners arose more often.

Candles will be a magnificent decoration of the New Year's table as part of a festive composition. It can be a vase with spruce branches or a New Year's wreath.


New Year table candle design pillar candles in a trey



The traditional way to diversify the living room is to place candles in front of the sofa on the coffee table. Thin high candlesticks are in fashion nowadays. These candlesticks instantly attract attention with their elegance. Therefore, if you want to add elegance to the interior, use this technique.

If you have children or pets in the house, it’s safer to replace the candlestick with a transparent vase: candles look magnificent when they are combined with glass: it creates picturesque reflections.


white pillar candle decoration in glass yellow and white pillar candle decoration


taper candle decorations on coffee table



No matter if it’s Inactive or an electric fireplace. Adding some candles to it will bring it to life. Candlesticks of different lengths look perfect, which will create multi-level lighting.

To "multiply" the number of candles in the interior, decorate the fireplace with a mirror. This will make the lighting more voluminous.


fireside candle decorations with mirror fireside candle decorations



Let the candlestick become a full-fledged element in window décor - on par with indoor flowers. Complete the décor composition with books or figurines. The undoubted advantage of this placement is that the lights will be reflected in the glass, creating a magical atmosphere.


candles on the window sill  taper candles on the window sill


taper candles on the window sill 1


Candlelight is representative of many things. Peace, serenity, relaxation and romance are just a few. We are no doubt drawn to candlelight for the same reasons that our ancestors were once drawn to fire. Candles are an easy and elegant way to access our primitive attraction to the flame. Everyone loves them; that’s why they’re the go-to housewarming gift.


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