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First Rebatch - Looks Like SPAM


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Yesterday I made a batch of soap, scented Rose and Ylang Ylang (I think the Ylang Ylang did it), as soon as I put in the FO, it seized right up on me and could not get it in the mold fast enough and get the air pockets out. Today it became my first microwave rebatch. Not the most beautiful, I will have to learn to get more creative with in the future. But here it is (not trimmed up yet) colored with a little pink oxide, looks kinda like SPAM, LOL!


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Kerry, I've done more than my share of rebatching, LOL. You may be pleasantly surprised with your Spam. For unknown reasons, my rebatches get incredible bubbles/lather! Make sure you keep notes on that FO so you save it for HP in the future. :smiley2:


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