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What to look for in FO?


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OK, so I am an admitted newbie and have just ordered my first batch of materials except for my FO. I am really excited about the possibilities of making my own candles and blending scents to my own liking.

My question here is what do I need to look for in a FO? How do I know if the FO is compatible with my wax? (I am going to use Astorlite J225) I have seen FOs that say they are fine for soaps and lotions but not candles, why is that? The scents I am going for are not traditional so I need as much variety as possible to create what I am looking for.

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if you are looking on a candle suppliers website, the fo is candle safe (i can't think of any exceptions, but there could be). not all candle fo's are body safe, that's why some say that and some don't.

as far as what to look for in a fo, and which to use in which wax... a good throw is always nice :). i'd get a sample pack and just start playing. j225 is a new wax, so you're not likely to find much feedback on fo's that work well for others in it. so just play around and check in here when you have questions, most likely someone will be able to help you out.

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