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How To Turn Your Suitcase Boxes From Blah Into Fantastic? Here are 4 Impressive Tips For You:


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Would you ever pick a mundane box? You wouldn’t.

Thus you have to keep this fact in view while making custom suitcase boxes yourself. The idea is to manufacture appealing boxes. Affordable and thought-provoking.  So, here are four tips to help you accentuate your packaging game.


Consider Using Durable Materials:

The first and foremost factor to focus on is the materials. It is so because a material helps determine the life of any box. The market has a variety of materials accessible for this purpose. Although the best known are eco-kraft, card-stock, and corrugated because they are resistible materials.

Come to a conclusion once you choose a material that fits your requirements the best. Card-stock and eco-kraft are famous for being eco-friendly and robust materials. They are best for making custom suitcase boxes because of the stock’s lightweight and impeccable qualities. A box on its own has the ability to thrill customers, but the addition of a tough material is all it needs.

On the contrary, if you wish to make custom suitcase boxes wholesale for long-distance areas, it is best to manufacture them with corrugated material. It is so because the corrugated material works best for making the thickest boxes. Not only does it sustain the box but also ensures its lifelong safety along with that of the products inside.

Be Inclined Towards Adding A Pop Of Color:

 A pop of color never hurts the eyes, does it?

Thus it is one of the most convenient ways to bring attention to your special boxes. If you wish to make your boxes stand out, adding a vibrant touch of bright and radiant color is all that you need. So what can you do to add to the décor of your boxes?

The packaging companies in the market offer two diverse types of printing techniques to intensify the color on your boxes. They vary between offset and digital printing, depending upon your need. Emphasize boosting the color. For instance, it is best for sampling if you use digital printing because the color does not stay long enough. On the contrary, if you have a specific color scheme in your mind, it is best to choose offset printing.

A Glamorously Finished Box Is Overpowering:

Where is the harm in advancing up your packaging?

If not, what is stopping you from covering your custom suitcase boxes with the glossier or matte coating?

The two of these coatings are famous for being a useful choice in order to add to the shimmer on the boxes. The purpose behind using them is to take your boxes to the next level without extra effort. Hence, using the gloss and matte coating will touch up the boxes in an efficient way.

However, the gloss coating is best for adding shimmer and glow to your custom suitcase boxes. Otherwise, the matte coating is made for you if you are looking for a matte and sleek box.

Get In Touch With A Suitable Packaging Company:

The last but not the least of all steps is to get in touch with a packaging company. It is so because once you plan all the sprucing up patterns, the next step is this. A packaging company will help you appealingly customize boxes without any issues. Also, the best way to choose a company is to find one with appreciable reviews and affirming interactions.

Thus, start exploring all the possible options that you can benefit from them. 

suitcase box.PNG

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