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pouring clamshells


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OK first question Kris you aren't sending them for the swap right- ;) JK! That's what I'm sending I finally received them this a.m.

Seriously though I melt my base in small quantities in the microwave in a small glass pyrex measuring cup. So with the spout and not much in the cup for the first layer (the design) I pour slow and it works out. You could also use those disposable pipettes (I think that's what I'm going to do for the lighthouse clamshells as they are very detailed). HTH :)

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LOL no Im not sending these for the MP swap...I already have my soaps done just need to box them up.

So then you use a diff color for the design...how in the world do ya do it..I tried to use the pipette and sucked up some colored MP and then tried to fill in the design...but the MP dried up QUICKLY in the pipette

did not work...

I bought the heart ones I think they will be pretty one color too...

Im going to try them lost of diff ways...have you used these before?

Are they easy for the customer to get out of the shelll??

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I have used them before from WSP and LUV'em :thumbsup:. I have a problem w/ them sweating in the humidity during the summer where I am and this helps that issue. I just received the clearanced out lighthouses, gingerbread men, and the hearts. I also have a few snowflake, victorian heart and oval shaped ones from there too. So sad to see they won't be carrying them anymore.

Its so easy! I just poured alittle in 15 shells a few minutes ago and will go back to finish them later as I have pratices to run kids to right now. The celtic is a little harder than the flower one I purchase from there awhile ago, so they won't be anything fancy. I think they're easy to get out.. just flip the top off and hold the sides and push up on the bottom and it pops right out. HTH :)

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