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Hello everybody! I just have a few questions for you old professionals.

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I am very, very, very new at the candle making thing! My husband bought me a starter kit with 10 lbs. of soy. I really, really, really want to make bakery candles. Has anyone attempted these kinds of candles with soy? My husband melted down a candle he bought at walmart and made a cinnamon roll with it and then we tried it with the soy wax. I am not sure if I like the texture of soy wax for this type of candle. Has anyone attempted to whip soy wax. I tried it and it gave a really smooth almost like frosting look. The other wax sort of looked crumblie like the top of muffin or bread which I liked. Can you get the same effect with soy? I am playing around with it so far but any helpful pointers anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.

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If you use soy for bakery candles I would make sure its a pillar wax. Ky votive pillar wax is great! Im not sure about the whipping. I tried it once, it was really creamy. Maybe someone else will jump in with some info on whipping wax. I think whipping the pillar wax should work more like you want it to. Hope that helps!

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