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Best Lovely (SJP) FO?


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Save on Scents (www.saveonscents.com) has Lovely. One bit of advice...depending on what you are using it for...I'd suggest the Ultra Concentrate grade of FO if you are using it for wax. If you are using it for B&B then the SOS grade will be fine. Just thought I should let you know since I've ordered from them quite a bit and wouldn't want you to be disappointed. Although the SOS grade can work in wax with some FO's, I've found many to be too weak for my liking. SOS has a great track record for making dead-on duplicates of designer fragrances so I think you will be quite pleased with them.

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The Scent Works has Lovely for $29.00 a lb. Are dupes always this expensive? If you want a high quality oil, yep. Sometimes even higher. It is excellent, I can vouch for that. I haven't put it in soap yet but I have been making perfumes with it. It's a very beautiful scent, Trish has done an excellent job of duping this one.

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