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Does anyone else use glow powders? (zinc sulfide)

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I am a huge fan of anything glow in the dark, or UV reactive. Even though I've just started making candles, I came into it with knowing I wanted to create candles that glow with any light, or have UV reactions. I've make some test batches which have all turned out pretty darn well. I remember when I was a kid, I saw drip candles that had different colors, and were UV reactive......probably from Spencer's Gifts 😛 Black on the outside, and as it dripped, multiple colors would come out as it melted. 

That is one of the types that I plan on making. There seems to be a couple different methods to get that result.....such as make individual sticks and put it into a bottleneck, or dipping each layer.

I haven't made a drip style one yet, only a single layered mold. Surprisingly, they've turned out well 🙂 The only issue that I'd like to fix is the even distribution of the powder in the wax. It mostly settles towards the bottom, as well with glitter, because I assume it's just too heavy to float in hot wax. The end results are ok, but not exactly what I'm going for.

The only thing I can think of is the stir it in as it cools to just above hardening. That way it doesn't have time to settle towards the bottom.

Has anyone else used glow/UV powders, or glitter? What do you suggest? Has anyone make UV reactive drip candles? Or.....anything similar? I'd really like to see what you came up with and any advice you may have 😄❤️ 


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