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Any of you watch the show "The Profit" on CNBC.  It is amazing from a business side of things.  It is in its 6th season. I have watched all of them.  I think almost every episode I learn something.  I think the thing I learned the most is how stubborn owners can be, which is usually why they are failing.




In one of the seasons Marcus saves a candle business.

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I love that show!  It can be brutal how he comes in and throws things away sometimes, or drastically changes names of things, even of the business.   It would be hard, as a business owner, to have someone come in and turn things on a dime like that.   I do love how some of the businesses thrive under his guidance - the ice cream business and the candy business come to mind.   People, Process, Product (did I get that right)?  Marcus is amazing, love to watch how he pinpoints issues so quickly!

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