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Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey

Sarah S

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cold process: mix of animal fats (40%) and veggie fats (60%)

fo load: 4%

addatives: oatmeal and honey, of course! 😂😂

soaped about 90 degrees, full water, no acceleration (but I was aiming for a thick trace so YMMV)

discolored to a dark tan

morphing: no

fading: still strong after about 6 months

CT/WT: very good, not too strong considering the type


*This is a great OMH. Not super heavy on the almonds, which I like. I added just a touch of honey FO (from BC), to exaggerate the honey notes and sweetness. Perfect. My hubby's favorite soap!

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wax: Palm 1 container

FO load: 6%

container: salsa jar

wicking: standard, CSN

cure: 2 weeks

CT: moderate

HT: moderate, very inviting*


*My opinion, this is a candle fragrance that should be a little more subtle. As noted above, I like to blend this with a little extra honey for added sweetness, and it is perfect. I think it would also be fantastic blended with vanilla, or cinnamon, or all of the above together. 😁

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