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Purple Cow (RE) & Grape Popsicle (Indigo)


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Hi! I'm new here so I hope this is in the right spot.. Just looking for help on a scent I need. Purple Cow was my go to grape oil, I just love it! It's a grape with vanilla like the popsicles. But sadly it's out of stock from the shortage and has been for a while😪 I ended up finding Grape Popsicle from Indigo which was the same thing, I was so happy & it worked great.. until I went back for more and that one went out of stock too😂 


I'm curious if anyone knows of any similar scents? A lot of people say it smells like a Grape Kool-Aid. I am testing Grape Blow-Pop from Maple Street. 


Any help or ideas would be appreciated! Thank you!😆



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