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WoHoooo!! I found lye!!!


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I am such a dork. I am excited about this! I know ya'll will understand!

I work for a company that uses some serious chemicals every day. The other day it dawned on me..'why don't I ask Dan (my chemical supplier) if he can get lye'

sure enough he called me today. He can get it! Wooohoo. 1 bag at a time. Not a pallets worth. at a decent price. He isn't even going to mark it up. He will just give it to me for what he pays. I love it!

I am gonna be a soapin queen. I also found a place to get oils really cheap. I mean cheap 35lbs of soybean oil for $12.50 (that is good isn't it?)

Ok I am done now! I just had to share my excitement! I am a dork I know! Sorry!

So If you have a local carpet cleaner, water restoration place and need lye, you could ask them to find out if thier chemical supplier can get lye!!

I would not suggest asking some like Stanley Steamer or ServePro. I don't think they would help you out.

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