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Cocnut Wax

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Fellow Chandlers,

I done had it with SOY!!! Not sure whats going on with the 464 - as I have see it out of stock at some places. The new wax - Q220 - I just made a tester with it. The Cold throw is good so far, but it does rattle around in the jar. The hot throw was superb for like an hour. Then the flame got so small.  The melt pool was good. So I will go up a few sizes. I hope maybe to make something work. --Anyway, I will be visiting Candles and Supplies this week or the next.  I see they posted about their Coconut Wax. There is 1 really good review on the wax. I think I will pick up some. Anyone that may use this wax, which wick do you find works best? They have a few listed on the site, but I really don't feel like wasting more money by blindly feeling around for the wick that "May be right". So if anyone has any information on the wick type, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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