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Testing ECO wicks and I smell the wick so strong!

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Good Morning!

I just became a member with craft server and have been reading through so many topics and tutorials. The amount of information is amazing! I am really hoping that I will be able to get some help/advice on the very specific challenge that I am having with my wick testing.

I am relatively new to candle making and have been doing a ton of research in addition to my testing and while I have worked out a bunch of common kinks my biggest frustration is that I am testing ECO wicks, which everyone seems to love with GB464 and I am smelling the wick/burning paper smell just as strong as the FO.

Here's my details:
Wax - GB464

Jars-Medium straight sided 9oz glass jars, 2.75 diameter

Heating wax to 185, adding FO and pouring anywhere from 135-150

1oz FO per pound of wax

Curing 1 week

CS says ECO10 for this size/wax combo and the candle burns really well with this, but the smell is awful! I have tried 6, 8 and 14 as well. Same outcome. I have only tried CS brand of FO so far and am experiencing this problem with all scents that I test. I just placed an order with Aztec to try a number of additional fragrances.

So, I clearly need to try a different brand of wick and I would love any suggestions on what has worked for you with the same wax/size and has a great HT! Also, I am wondering if I am alone in smelling these wicks so strong? Anyone else experience this with ECO or other brands?

Thank you so much in advance!

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