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Last question... I know I've asked plenty this weekend. ? When you describe a candle as having good hot throw, how large an area would you say it scents? A bedroom? A living room? An open concept kitchen/living combo? An entire house? Obviously rooms and homes differ in sizes, but just curious how y'all characterize hot throw vs. medium throw, etc. Thanks! 

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Depends on the size of the jar or if it's a pillar.  My typical jar, 16oz apothecary or country comfort jar, I expect to scent up living room, kitchen and front room once it gets going. 

My 5 oz - probably my decent sized living room, and kitchen. 

Votive - small room, or large bathroom. 

Pillar - medium sized room. 

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Candle Diameter makes all the difference here. With a small jar, widest diameter up to 2.5" I'd say about a 12' x 12' room, enclosed think bedrooms.
For a 4" diameter I expect the throw to WOW me in larger areas.

Pillars, I don't expect much from unless it's a 3 wick honestly, about a 12' x 12' with a good throw.

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