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Calling all wood wick users....


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Can you please tell us which specific brand/supplier you use and why?

What are your thoughts on wood wicks and their safety?

Have you ever had "an episode" with one of your wood wicked candles?

Paraffin/Soy/Fragrance Amount-does it make a difference in the wick's "behavior"? (amount of crackle, crazy flames, etc)


Trying to decide if I should add them to my line or not...Thanks in advance:)


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Guest OldGlory

I'm not sure how much help my responses will be since I only recommend BCN's woodwicks. I stocked up on them before they were gone and I'm glad I did.

I tried Aztec's wood wicks and didn't like them at all.

I have put wood wicks in soy containers of all sizes and 3" paraffin pillars. I had to wick up in all soy wax candles and wick down in all paraffin pillars. I love 2 size 4 BCN wicks in the Libbey medium square cube. They are PERFECTION in that jar, placed corner to corner. I also learned that wood wicks can be trimmed to suit the container - maybe 2 size 6's are too much, 1 size 5 and 1 size 6 is not enough, so trim the tiniest sliver of wick off one piece. KWIM? Maybe the flame is too big for the bottom of the candle - trim off a bit.

The BCN wood wicks I feel are very safe if properly wicked. And it takes a lot of testing to find the right wick combination.

I have never had an 'episode' when the candle was unsafe. I have found that wood wicks do NOT always burn consistently. What I mean by that is that the flame may be a bit bigger or a bit smaller in any given candle, even on the same wick(s). I attribute that to wood being a natural material. Anyone who cuts wood with a saw knows that there are areas in wood that are more difficult to cut through, and areas where you zip right through it. Same piece of wood, just different 'density'. (Density may be the wrong word.)

I have never purchased a wood wick candle so I can't compare mine. I load FO at around 6-7%, and I have not found a noticeable difference in wicking different FOs. I do like the crackle and I especially like that aspect in unscented candles. It offers a new dimension for people who are sensitive to fragrances.

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I have tried Candle Wic wood wicks and do not like them.  I find they smoked too much for me, no matter what I did.  I have also tried Lone Star's.  I have hit or miss luck with those.  When they work, they are wonderful.  I have had the most success in the 16 oz mason jar with the large size wick.  But some of them smoke, some do not crackle and some just go out.  I do not sell, so I don't have to worry about it, but even making them as a hobby I find they are just too unreliable.  I do not give any candles made with them as gifts because of this.  To me, a smokey wick is unacceptable.  I do not advise using them in Palm wax, this never worked for me.  I only use them in soy containers.

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