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Can anyone on the forum speak to their personal experience of being sued for a product liability claim?  What insurer did you have, what was the reason, outcome, etc.  Also, what limits are people carrying?  I've got 1 million in coverage, along with trying to protect personal assets via an LLC, just wonder if that is enough?  Has anyone moved all their assets into a revocable trust as a form of asset protection?

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I have never been sued but it was always one of my big fears. The way the court systems is set up you could loose everything very easily and even future income.  Once you get sued insurance goes up, it is easier to be sued again. Your business most of the time doesn't survive unless you are a big boy with lots of lawyers.


Here is the positive side it is really hard to prove a candle was the cause of a fire and the candle maker being at fault. Then they have to prove you were negligent. That is not an easy thing to prove.


You are more likely to get sue if someone falls in or in front of your booth. It like if you do not get the ice off your side walk and someone slips and falls you are liable for that.

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