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Glade Wax Melter


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I bought a glade wax melter yesterday to compare it to my tea light melter and it seems to be working much better than the tea light burner. My concern is, it doesnt say how long you can use it for and its scaring me having it on longer than 5hrs. I have emailed SC Johnson to ask them what the safest burn time is but they havent answered me yet. I went to their website and I read reviews that people burn them all day and night

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I keep one of the Glade warmers burning day and night in my bathroom and have had it for over a year. I have different brands of electric warmers throughout my house and have never turned them off. It's probably not what the manufactures would recommend, but I have never had a problem. However, you should do what you think is safe, as there can always be issues with electrical devices.

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Guest OldGlory

I have heard of some people putting their warmers on a timer. For example, it turns on automatically half an hour before they get home from work and shuts off before they go to bed. That might alleviate some worry - but I would still keep an eye on it.

I have found that tea light warmers in general create a lot more heat, giving a stronger initial throw but burning off the FO too quickly.

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