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Could overheating or reheating cause cloudy gel?


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I had a gel candle with a figurine and white rocks in it. It was perfectly clear but I thought it had too many bubbles, so I put it in the oven and it came out cloudy. I don't remember the temperature I put the oven at. I thought maybe it was from smoke from something in my oven but then I took gel from another perfectly clear candle and heated it on the stove and that came out cloudy as well. Does it break down or something if it's heated up and melted too many times or heated above a certain temperature. I just can't find a rhyme or reason as to when it gets cloudy. And I'm not putting any scents or color in it. and i always wash the jar before I put the gel in it. Help please!

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What gel wax are you using? I only use Penreco I have never had a problem with gel cloudy from heating over and over. I have had it turn yellow form over heating.



I have gel turn cloudy from certain rocks. Some rock you buy are dyed or have a residue on them. So when they are reheated up to the point where gel will release the bubbles it like that die or reidue floats off of them and clouds the gel wax. I have had colored sands do that also. 

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The rocks must be it then. I didn't seal the rocks first but probably the first time I poured, the temp of the gel was low and then when I reheated it, it was fully melted and allowed the evil particles to cloud my gel - from now on, I'm going to seal any rocks or sand first and just use my trusty heat gun on the rest if I need to - and yes, I use the penreco gel (high density). I buy from Aztec.


Thank you!!!!

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