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liquid dye or block dye

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Preference. Some say liquids are easiest because it's just a drop here, but if you're looking for a certain color, sometimes blocks and chips are easier ... .it's easier to cut off a block for a particular color than it might be to figure out the drops from liquids, if that makes sense.

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In my opinion blocks are a royal pain in the bottom unless you are making vast quantities of wax in one color.  They are a pain to shave bits off of for small batches of wax.   If you are making under 5 pounds at a time chips are great if you want the color of the chip, or a little mixing etc.  You can cut them in half, but getting exactly half isn't absolute.  But measuring is super easy, one chip to one pound, or a half pound etc.  They are consistent etc.


If you want to mix your own colors and be in total control then liquid is best.  Obviously write down everything, and even keep labeled samples (I sample all my colors in a little silicone mold for reference).


In the end it comes down to you, your preferences and your system.  I like the ease of just chucking a chip into wax, but often I like my own personally mixed colors. 

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I like the blocks and chips because the liquid makes such a mess for me especially the ones that have the rubber droppers. I will tell you if you decide on liquids Cajun's liquids do not have the rubber dropper and I had better luck with those than any other liquids that I tried.

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