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Request for Candles in tins.

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Good morning,

I have been asked to make small travel candles in gold tins (4oz).  I have only ever made wax tarts.  Is there much difference in making these candles in tins than tarts?  I use 6006 & 4725 blend for the tarts, would this work for the candles.  Also any ideas on what wicks I should use?  And 1 more question, where do you suggest I buy the tins?  I appreciate any information.  I told the girl I would research and attempt a few small tins to see how it goes.  Thanks again.



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Guest OldGlory

I am unfamiliar with 4725, but I have used 6006 for candles, and I would suggest using only that wax. I like zinc wicks in 6006. The 44z might be too big but you could try it. You didn't mention whether you would be using the deep or shallow type tin and that would change the wicking needs. Also, I don't buy the gold tins. I think PaperMart in California carries gold tins. Good luck!

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I would want to make shallow tins.  What I found on Papermart said this "Our tin cans are made of 100% steel anodized with gold coating and do not have an internal plastic lining, therefore caustic substances may cause the steel to rust."


I'm am wondering if vanilla & cinnamon type FO would 'eat' thru these tins.  


Any thoughts?

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