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Wax melter question


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Hi all,




Description on this electric melter: 


On/off switch build into power cord. Warmer has a light on the front to let you know at a glance when the warmer is on. Candle warmer measures 3 1/2" high and 5" in diameter.


I am trying to figure out how this type of warmer works.  Is there a plate under the ceramic dish that gets hot?    :unsure:   I am comparing it with other warmers and from what I can tell if there’s a bulb in the warmer it lists this info in the description along with the wattage.  I don’t want any more  warmers with bulbs, unable to find the replacement bulbs on the warmers I have easily.   Just looking to test my melts!!  


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Yes. The "plate" portion gets hot and it warms the ceramic dish.


Many of my customers like Glade's plate warmer. Only comes in one color/style currently but it is just $10 and readily available at places like Walmart, Target and svn my grocery store has them. They are not in with candles, they are with air fresheners (like the other Glade stuff).


They look like this:


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I use both a plate type warmer and a bulb type warmer to test my melts.  In my experience the plate type warmer that I have tends to burn hotter, thus the fragrance of the melt doesn't last as long as the bulb warmer.  This may just be my experience or perhaps this particular brand of warmer,  but just a heads up in case you are not getting the longevity from the plate warmer that you have had with a bulb warmer. 

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