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Facebook fan page and group page


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Hello All, I am trying to get set up on facebook with a business page but I do not know the differences with a fan page or group page. Have been reading posts here about it but it is very confusing (I have a personal page but rarely use it) which one you need. Is there a tutorial anywhere? Which addy do you advertise - personal fb page which links to business page or do you just put business page? Thanks to anyone who can share information.

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For a business I'd recommend using pages. If for nothing else, they show up in google search results where groups do not, and pages will provide with some analytics once you get enough people liking the page, The group will not. I'm not sure if you can pay to advertise groups, I know you can with pages though.

Here's a couple things I've found.



As for which addy to advertise, use the business page address for anything business related, business card, flyers, Facebook Ads, ect.

The other thing with Facebook is the people and pages that people interact with most, get priority to show up in their news feed. That's why on your personal page you'll have a few people constantly showing up in your feed, but people that post all the time but you don't interact with, hardly ever show up. Business complained some about that policy change, since it made it harder for people to see what they post if they never go to the page. Facebook compromised by charging them for sponsored stories and thats how they came to exist. It's also why so many things say share for this, like for that. So, If you can engage people, your posts show up in the news feed for free, if you don't you have to pay facebook to get them there if you so choose.

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I wouldnt advise you to make a "Business" page on facebook...I know a couple of businesses that had wonderful pages and many customers on them along with many pictures they had collected/posted and facebook now has a new thing where you cannot have a business name for your profile page, you have to create a fan page...the businesses that I was referring to facebook had shut down their pages and they lost EVERYTHING..it was a total loss for them, they had to start all over...they lost many members that were on the page ordering...so if your thinking of facebook Id only make a fan page for your business...thats what I did after I found out what facebook is now doing. Facebook has so many changes everyday...they need to leave well enough alone...stop the changing... ugggggg

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