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Brambleberry f/o for CP soap ??

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Unfortunately, I haven't soaped that particular FO, but for what it's worth, my most favorite piney scent for soap is WSP's Sugared Spruce. The best way I can describe is pine on a sugar high, or a pine tree encrusted in sugar. lol It's truly a unique and wonderful pine scent. Everyone around here loves it. It soaps great, too, and sticks forever at only .75 oz ppo.

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According to the Soap Scent Review Board, there was no A or D. The scent reviews are mixed. Several people loved the scent and it stuck; a couple said it faded. One thought it smelled like Pine-Sol.

Another scent to consider is Pinion Pine from Moonworks. I haven't put it in soap yet, but it is wonderful in wax melts. One review on SSRB said no A or D and a nice pine forest fragrance. No chemical smell.

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