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Hello all, I have been a member on this forum for 6 yrs but have been very inactive for several years due to life. But I have quit my job recently and would like to really turn my love of crafts into a business. My name has the word "craft" in it so everyone says I should just call it my name. Any opinions? TIA

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I agree that you have an asset to work with there. In business, and as an entrepreneur, every unique asset you can leverage that will make your business and product stand out should be considered very closely.

Two things that strike me right away is that it's easy to say, check, and easy to spell, check. You're off to a good start. Now think about what products or services you want to offer and how you can work the name and the products or business type together. Consider your future, too. If you are making widgets now but may want to expand into cogs later, will the business name enhance or support the expansion? Like I said, I think you've got something to work with there. Keeping it simple and strictly to the name may work, too. Definitely worth great consideration.

Just some food for thought. Best of luck and happy crafting!

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