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Will any of these wicks work in an 8 or 4 oz jelly jar?

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I just bought these from amazon since I have some amazon gift cards. Will these work in an 8 or 4 oz jelly jar? Thanks!



And these possibly in a 16 oz mason jar?


If not, what would you recommend these be used for? I have these two waxes, and will be receiving some paraffin today.

Milliard All Natural Soy Wax 324, 10 lb. Bag


Eco Soya Cb-Pb molded candle soy wax

Thanks so much! I am new to candle making, and hoping to just make some for myself, and eventually friends/family once I get it down properly .

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I use a parasoy for my container scented candles. Those wicks are ECO 8, 10, and 12. The largest ECO wick I have ever used for a 8 ounce "jelly" jar type jar was an ECO 6. Since I can't really find any info on the soy wax I would start with your smallest wick, the ECO 8 and test that in the first candle you make. The larger wicks may work with the larger 16 ounce mason jar. You won't know until you test your candles.

The Eco Soya PB is a Pillar Blend wax for molded pillar candles and votives. It has it's own rules and tends to be brittle with votives. I usually destroy 30% of any 100% PB votives I have made trying to remove them from the molds. I now use it as a blender with 4625 for parasoy votives. It does well with some scents as a tart wax, for making scented tarts for the electric wax warmers.

Good Luck, testing is fun, and sometimes maddening, just be sure to write it all down so you know what you have done. :)

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